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Sync Folders

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Last Updated: 11/25/2009 8:31:50 AM

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With Sync, you can keep a local folder synchronized with a folder on your network drive, allowing you to work out of your local directories and have everything instantly stored in the cloud. If you go offline, you can keep working and have your changes sync back up when you come online.

You can sync the same folder on multiple PCs, allowing you to seamlessly share files with all your PCs through the cloud. You can still access your files via the Network Drive, allowing you to access and update your content from PCs where you may not want to sync everything locally (like a netbook).

Changes you make on the Network Drive are instantly sync’d back to your other PCs when they are online. Unlike other sync software, you can sync any folder on your PC from its existing location, and you can keep multiple folders in sync at the same time.

Sync Options:

  • Local Sync Folder: This is the folder on your local system where your synced files are stored.

  • Remote Sync Name: This name identifies your sync folder on the Network Drive.  Once this folder is created, it cannot be changed.

  • What to Sync: You can select from 1 of 3 options and the associated wildcards
    1. All the Files in this folder
    2. Only certain types of files
    3. All files except certain types