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HelpConsole 2008 - MySecureBackupManual
Previous Versions

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Last Updated: 7/29/2008 9:20:37 AM

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The My Secure Backup can be configured to keep an archive of previous versions of files that are changed or deleted. By default this previous version archive is only kept for Automatic Backup files, however you can also enable it for your mapped drive as well. Enabling previous versions will use more space on your drive, and will also slow backups and uploads slightly as a copy is made of the previous version prior to uploading the new version.

Previous versions are kept in a special directory on within My Secure Backup. To restore a previous version you can use the built-in restore feature. Previous versions can be restored to your local drive or to their original My Secure Backup location.

You can configure My Secure Backup to delete previous versions after a period of time. The length of time is calculated from the time the file was updated or deleted, so if you have My Secure Backup configured to remove previous versions after 60 days, all files that were updated or deleted more than 60 days ago will be purged from the previous version archive and can no longer be recovered.

  • Keep copies of changed files: When enabled, My Secure Backup will keep copies of the previous versions of files when you modify the file or upload a new file with the same name.
  • Keep copies of deleted files: When enabled, My Secure Backup will keep a copy of files that are deleted either manually or during backup cleanup.
  • Keep previous versions for: When “Automatic Backup files only” is selected (the default setting) previous versions of changed and deleted files will only be kept for files backed up using the Automatic Backup feature. Files that are manually uploaded or deleted via the mapped drive will not have previous versions kept. When “All Files” is selected previous versions will be kept for both automatic backup files and any files uploaded directly via the mapped drive.
  • Don't keep previous versions for files over: When enabled, files larger than the specified size will not be archived when modified or deleted.
  • Don't keep certain types of files: When enabled, files with the selected types will not be archived when modified or deleted.
  • Don't keep files in certain folders: When enabled, files under the selected folders will not be archived when modified or deleted.
  • Remove previous versions after: When enabled, previous versions will be deleted once they are older than the specified number of days. For example, if the setting is 30 days, a file that is deleted on April 1 will be kept in the version archive until at least May 1, after which it may be purged. Previous versions are cleaned up once a week automatically. When this setting is disabled, previous versions are never deleted and will continue to take up space. You can manually remove previous versions by deleting the files from your “~VersionArchive” folder.
  • Keep at least: When enabled, allows you to select a minimum number of versions to keep regardless of the file's age.
  • Keep at most: When enabled, allows you to select a maximum number of versions to keep regardless of the file's age.