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Network Settings

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Last Updated: 7/31/2008 9:11:56 AM

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The network settings options control all network connections made by the My Secure Backup software.  The application makes only outgoing TCP connections to ports 80 and 443.

  • Connect using SSL (encrypts all network traffic): Enabling this option will protect and encrypt your data while it is in transit between your computer and the data servers.  This does not apply to the actual encryption of the file once it reaches its final destination.
  • Optimize performance for high bandwidth connections: This option, which enables large TCP window sizes, MAY increase performance if you have > 2 Mbps upstream bandwidth.  You should NOT enable it on slower connections as it may reduce performance.
  • Proxy Server Configuration Options
    • Connect via an HTTP proxy server:  When this option is enabled, your data will be routed via your selected proxy server.
    • Verify: Clicking the Verify button will allow you to test your proxy server configuration.