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Network Drive

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Last Updated: 1/27/2009 4:35:02 PM

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The My Secure Backup can make your online storage appear as a local network drive. This allows you to easily copy files back and forth via drag and drop, and open files directly from your online storage.

Network Drive Letter: (Windows) You have the option to assign a network drive letter to your My Secure Backup network drive. To stop using the network drive functionality, change the Network Drive Letter to (disabled).

Network Drive Name: (Mac) You have the option to assign a network drive name to your My Secure Backup network drive. To stop using the network drive functionality, leave the Network Drive Name field blank.

Maximum Cache Size: In an effort to minimize network traffic and improve performance, My Secure Backup stores recently accessed files and directories locally. This option allows you to choose how much space is allocated for this functionality.

Upload Files in the Background for Faster Performance: When enabled, My Secure Backup will quickly copy any new files into the local cache, then upload them in the background. This will permit your network drive to become faster and easier to use and also allows the software to automatically retry any failed uploads.

Use a Native File System Driver for Better Integration with Windows: (Windows) By default, My Secure Backup uses a native file system driver so it can work more like a regular disk drive. If you have trouble with your network drive, try disabling this option and My Secure Backup will use WebDav instead. You may need to reboot for changes to take effect.

Use localhost Drive Mapping for Improved Compatibility: (Windows) If you encounter errors mapping the network drive, try enabling this option for improved compatibility.