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The Backup History and Network Drive Activity Logs can be used to provide valuable information about the file and application activity.

To view these logs, click the Logs option from the top navigation bar on the My Secure Backup Activity Monitor.

Network Drive Activity Log: Shows non-backup activity (i.e. uploads/downloads directly via the mapped drive).

  • The fields for the Activity Log are:
    • BackupID (corresponds to the log file)
    • Start Time
    • Duration
    • Online Disk
    • Total Files
    • Total Size
    • Files Transferred
    • File Size
    • Errors
    • Status

Backup History Log: Shows the backup history for completed backup jobs (Entries for current backups not shown until completed or canceled) 

  • For the individual Backup Logs, the fields are:
    • Operation Type
    • Online Disk
    • Path
    • Total File Size
    • Amount Transferred (usually the same unless failed)
    • Start Time (in Unix time_t format - seconds since 1/1/1970 GMT)
    • Duration
    • Result
    • Additional Details