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Connection Troubleshooting

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Last Updated: 8/7/2008 11:56:29 AM

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When setting up My Secure Backup up for the first time it tests for a working connection to the backup servers. There are several reasons you may see this error even if your Internet connection is working. Common causes and links to help fix the issue are provided below.

HTTP Proxy Server
Proxy Servers are commonly used on large business and university networks for performance and security reasons.  If your network requires an HTTP proxy server to make outgoing connections you will need to configure My Secure Backup your proxy server address and account information (if required). Contact your network administrator to obtain these addresses. My Secure Backup requires that your proxy server support SSL connections via the CONNECT method.
Software Firewall
Local firewall software may block network connections by My Secure Backup. The built-in firewalls in Windows and Mac should not do this, however many 3rd party firewalls such as  Zone Alarm, Norton, and Little Snitch will prevent connections from the software until you unblock it.

Anti-Virus Software
Anti-virus software that scans network traffic may inadvertently block connections by My Secure Backup and may also cause problems for the Network Drive mapping feature.