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Backup Options (Backup Vault)

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Last Updated: 12/8/2009 3:35:06 PM

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To give you the most control over your automatic backups, these additional options will allow you to customize your specific backup job.

  • Backup in-use files (NTFS formatted drives only): For NTFS drives, My Secure Backup has the ability to backup files that are currently in use by the computer.  For Mac and Linux, locked files are already able to be backed up.
  • Ignore timezone shifts when detecting changed files:  For FAT file systems, this feature will assume files modified within even hour increments from the previous version are due to time zone shifts.  If you enable this option, there is a small potential that a file update may be overlooked if you happen to update a file on increments of exactly one hour from the recent version.  If you do not have a FAT file system, this option should not be selected.
  • Backup Retention:  Your backup retention settings determine how long files that you delete or update locally are kept in your Backup Vault.  If you uncheck the option, your old backups will be kept indefinitely.

  • Backup Reporting
    • Backup reporting allows you to view summaries of backup jobs on the web, as well as receive e-mail alerts and RSS updates.