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Automatic Backups

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Last Updated: 12/8/2009 3:29:40 PM

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Automatic Backups under a Backup Vault

Backup Vaults are storage containers within an online disk where your backup data resides for a single computer.  A Backup Vault allows for block-level data de-duplication within and across multiple files and versions of files as well as compression for all data, which means greatly improved backup speeds and less total data stored.

Please note that Backup Vaults cannot be browsed via the Network Drive feature.  Backup Vaults are designed and optimized specifically for backup and restore procedures only.

Backup Vault Overview:

  • Only a single computer can backup into a specific Backup Vault – each computer you are backing up needs its own Backup Vault. However, if you replace a computer, you can “take over” the old computer’s Backup Vault to avoid having to re‐upload any data that was already backed up.
  • You can Restore from any Backup Vault, even one being used by a different computer.

Legacy Automatic Backups

The Legacy Backup feature allows you to keep files and folders on your local machine backed up automatically. If you mainly want to use your online storage space for backup, the Legacy Backup feature makes it easy and eliminates the need to copy files to your mapped drive manually on a regular basis.

Once backed up with Legacy Backup, your files will also be accessible via the mapped drive and you can always easily open or copy backed up files from your mapped drive back to your local machine.

Which one do I choose?

If you will not need to 'explore' or navigate back through the data that you are backing up (via the Network Drive or Web Access), then is it highly recommended that you use the a Backup Vault due to the optimizations of compression, de-dupe, etc.  If you will ever need to browse or gain direct access to the data from an automatic backup, then a Legacy Backup would be required.